Interview with Mrs Taiye Erhumwunse, Head of Meadow Hall Consult on EduCamp 2017

Please tell us about yourself. I am Taiye Erhumwunse(Head of Meadow Hall Consult) a passionate educator and an avid reader and learner. I am an ardent believer in continuous professional development. What motivated Meadow Hall Group to establish Meadow Hall Consult? Meadow Hall Consult, a subsidiary of Meadow Hall Group… Read more »

Meadow Hall sports facilities Meadow Hall can proudly boast to own one of the best secondary school sporting facilities in Nigeria, of international quality. The Astro turf, 25m swimming pool, 100 metres running track and more, the list goes on, so we advise you come and see it for yourself…. Read more »

For those of you who don’t know, the month of June is widely considered Gay Pride Month. The first gay pride march was held in 1970 in New York City as a form of protest and has over the years evolved into an annual celebration that occurs all over the country. This… Read more »

Weddings can be a very financially draining exercise. We all know that couple who went into serious wedding debt and lived on indomie and garri for months after the wedding. If you don’t want that to be your story, here’s what you do: Save, Save, Save! Start saving from the engagement day. The… Read more »

It has been announced that Batman and Superman will actually share the same screen together with a planned date in 2015. Although many sighed at the news of the Justice League movie falling through, Director Zack Snyder has regained the flow of water in the mouths of comic fans with… Read more »

If you’re getting married in the near future or you’re hoping that someone will pop the question soon then you will probably be thinking about where you want to get married. Most people opt for their local church and a nice hotel for the reception which is fine but if… Read more »

A lot goes into making a movie. The directors and actors want the viewers to feel certain things. Sometimes delving deep into these goals has an adverse effect on the movie, however. Some directors may want to make the movie calm and relaxing for a romantic appeal, or present stoic… Read more »

Are there even any Black Super Heroes? This question came up on a lazy Friday as a group of friends sat together comparing Superman, Iron Man, Batman and the various other Comic book superheroes. Save for the character “Storm” in X-men, we could not immediately think of any. After much… Read more »

Tastes differ. And when it comes to fashion, they differ even more. However, I’ve managed to come up with a list of top 5 fashion designers that can’t leave any woman indifferent. They are adored by fashion artists and their regular customers all over the world, and their incredible, jaw-dropping… Read more »

The Nigerian fashion industry has gradually outgrown the borders of the country and is now competing with other international fashion industries; thanks to the hard work of our Nigerian fashion designers and our celebrities who have spread their influence by wearing our local brands. While we acknowlege all our fashion designers both established and upcoming,… Read more »

There is an obvious allure to speed dating. It begins with the setting itself, it’s basically like walking into a bar and chatting up almost every girl there. And the good part is, they are receptive to your advances, albeit only for a few minutes. But honestly, how many people… Read more »