Stuffed with raunchy laughs

Ted is a blaringly funny flick stuffed with raunchy laughs about a man-child, John Bennett (Mark Walhberg) and his beloved childhood teddy bear, Ted (MacFarlane).

Growing up, John had no friends at all until his parents offered him his dreamed-of present: a stuffed bear who fulfils the boy’s wish of coming to life. Naturally, this one-of-a-kind walking and talking becomes a national celebrity. As the years go on, John and Ted stay roommates and the novelty of a talking teddy is largely forgotten. Because even a talking bear becomes old hat after a while and, a quarter-century later, Ted suffers the fate of many other child stars, indulging in major substance abuse while living in the past and mooching off others. Ted grows into a woman-chasing, foul-mouthed, boozing, pot-smoking bad influence. John at 35 refuses to grow up, and spends way too much time getting wasted with his fuzzy friend.

By their fourth anniversary, John’s loyal girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) wants the man she loves to grow up as she is looking for something more serious. Ted’s presence proves to interfere with John’s romance with his girlfriend who becomes increasingly frustrated. John finally chooses Lori over Ted and forces the bear to find his own apartment, but still secretly hangs out with Ted to Lori’s chagrin. Audiences beware; this bear flick is stuffed with so many hilarious throwaway lines and unexpected cutaway digressions that keep on rolling with regularity from beginning to end.

Ted is now showing at Silverbird Cinemas, Ozone and Genesis Deluxe Cinemas.

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