The Perfect Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day! Time to do the usual…get a gift (flowers, perfume, chocolate, lingerie,… maybe a cuddly bear) and then go to a romantic dinner. This is a tried and tested formula…I mean, one can never go wrong with dinner and chocolate!

However, if you want to make your Valentine’s a bit more special and memorable, we have a few suggestions for you. The truth is that you don’t really have to spend a whole lot of cash to make your day a memorable one. In fact, most guys can get by doing the bare minimum for their special someone. We’re talking about the impalpable here — the forethought and care that money can’t buy, but which matter to her more than any expensive gift or dinner. What matters on Valentine’s Day isn’t how much cash anyone spends but how much quality time couples get to spend together. And when gifts are involved, it really is the thought behind the gift that counts.

To make this evening a memorable one, spoil her with the little things that she probably forgot even mattered to her. A walk along the beach hand-in-hand, a moonlight stroll to stargaze; a night cuddled up on the couch watching romantic movies are little things that could mean much.

Instead of battling to get a place in your locality on 14 February and spending the evening surrounded by mushy couples, cook a special meal at home. If that is beyond your culinary ability, maybe going out to a restaurant is a better option but spice it up by doing something unusual like reciting a famous love poem over dinner.

If you are after a present for your loved one, you can never go wrong with a trip to the spa – a good massage is rarely forgettable. Surprise your loved one with tickets to your favorite event, say a music and comedy night, art exhibition or musical concert by your favorite artists in town.

That being said, romance should not be once-a-year affair. There is no reason why you should fit in with what is now simply an opportunity for retailers to market overpriced cards and lame gifts. Instead, try being nice and considerate all year round. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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