The Positives from Negatives..

Funny how time really does change yesterday. As human beings, our challenges tend to shift with time. As soon as we conquer the present rot we feel we are in, we oftentimes unappreciatively forget that phase, and start to engage a new one. I was taught that life is a never-ending chain of challenges which end when you die. I look at where I hoped to be about a year ago, where I am presently, and realise how much my challenges have changed without even noticing. It seems reflex to wallow in self-pity as we feel rooted in dire situations, but we almost always fail to appreciate the positives from every negative . There’s always that priceless lesson to learn, with a little understanding and objectivity we could identify the backdrop of any challenge. This in my opinion, gives a better appreciation of any problem, makes us feel better about the situation, and might, in some cases assist us with a means of navigating through it while ultimately assisting us to embrace and square up to newer challenges. The exposure I had when I lost my father in my early 20’s was very uncharted territory, so I made many misguided decisions that led to even more challenges…it took me awhile to realise that it’s priceless lessons from those mistakes that have carved out the principles which govern my perception and attitude towards life these days. Like everybody else, I don’t have all the answers I want, but I certainly know that the answers to all my questions are out there… it’s only a matter of time.

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