The Wedding List – Inspired by Wed Expo 2014 Lagos

I can’t believe it’s been a month already! It seems like just yesterday when my Mr Fantastic forced me to take a walk on the beach for no apparent reason and then proposed. I can still remember feeling blood rush to my face when he knelt down and opened the little black box. SIGH! I have now to undertake the “fun” task of planning my “Princess wedding”. I want things to go perfectly. Luckily, I happened to encounter the wedding expo which happened from March 28-30, 2014 at The Haven Event Center in GRA Ikeja. All I need in one place. PHEW! Being the orderly person I am (more like OCD), I decided to take a proposal-to-wedding day approach in combing through the expo. Here is what I came up with:


Step One – THE RINGS

Well, this is more like two steps; first the engagement ring and then the wedding bands. Anyway, the displays at His and Hers featured some gorgeous pieces of hand candy. I already have my own beautiful piece of rock (Good job, Mr Fantastic!). For the wedding bands, I am still undecided if I want to get rose-gold bands to match with my engagement ring. rings etal wed expo 2014


One of my girlfriends got married last year and I remembered her wedding invitation was especially unique. I asked her where she got them from and she told me she had made them herself…by hand…with colored paper and ribbons… ALL 100 PIECES! Since I am not blessed with that much time or artistic talent, I was happy to see wedding invitation vendors at the expo that could cater to my needs. There were quite a few vendors in fact, showcasing a variety of designs  from the more formal pieces with formal calligraphy to those with a more “african”  or even “oriental” vibe. Me likey very much! Invitationers WedExpo Lagos 2014

Step Three – THE OUTFITS

This step I have divided into sub-steps: Step Three point 1 – TRADITIONAL WEDDING STURVS There were a variety of shops with a variety of designs for aso-oke and native wears for him & her. The necklaces I saw were nothing short of delicious. Aso-Oke Beads Wed Expo 2014 Step Three point 2 – THE BIG OLE WHITE (CREAM, BEIGE OR WHATEVER) DRESS This is arguably the centerpiece of the whole shindig. If you watch the show “Say yes to the dress” as often as I do, you might have also been sold on the idea that choosing the “perfect dress” is extremely crucial to the success of the wedding, and indeed, the marriage itself. Wedding Gown Wed Expo 2014 Step Three point 3 – THE SHOES AND BAGS Shoes and Bags… Ahhh, my ambrosia from the gods! My heart was warmed by the eye-popping display. I cannot say more; I’ll just let you see for yourself. Regal Wed Expo 2014 Step Three point 4 – THE MAKE-UP I have never really been much of a make-up person. I find that I tend to look years older when I apply make-up by myself. On the rare occasions when I have it done for me, however, the results have been transcendent. I liked the display I saw at a few booths. A shout-out to Kayge cosmetics. Your booth was amazing! Makeup Wed Expo 2014

Step Four – THE D DAY

Step Four point 1 – THE SETTING Do I want an outdoor white wedding out in the grass and under the blazing sun, like some of those Hollywood-type weddings? Do I want to do it in the Church instead? For the reception, do I want to use one of those fancy large tents, or do I just get a nice cozy brick-and-mortar hall? These are some of the questions that flashed through my mind as I meandered through some place settings and drapery. Granted, the displays do not help me answer these fundamental questions, but I did get to see some fine lighting and design work, beautiful drapery and lovely flowers. place settings wed expo Lagos Step Four point 2 – THE DESSERT Cakes that melt in your mouth, pies, creme brulee… Bliss, Bliss, and more buttery Bliss! Desserts WedExpo Lagos 2014 Step Four point 3 – THE FOOD Ahh! Mouth-watering dishhh… No, wait! where is the food?? Wed-Expo planners, do something about this! It is possible that in my wanderings, I may have somehow managed to miss the proper food booths.  Or maybe they weren’t set-up on the day I visited. If this is the case, I stand corrected, Wed-Expo Planners. Step Four point 4 – SECURITY! SECURITY! Lets face it, any event needs security, even weddings. Those big, bad guys ensure that the uninvited stay out. I took a picture of two random security guys I met. I love how the dude on the right is all suited up for riot-scale misadventures. Security Wed Expo 2014 Step Four point 5 – THE EVENT PLANNER You might be like me and want to have your hands in everything or you might be better at delegating and prefer to leave the fine details in the hands of the professionals. The event planners are those people that bring it all together and make it look so easy. I took the info of a few of these magicians and I present to you, my dear readers, my list of one:

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Event Planner Wed Expo Lagos Oh crap! I look at my watch and realize its time for me to leave. That’s alright, my list is close to complete anyway. For more pictures from the expo, browse through the Wed Expo Lagos 2014 album on our facebook page. Well, now that I have shared my list, what do you think? What did I forget? Leave your comments below

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